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Christina Isacson

Christina Isacson, Chief Business Officer, Magenta Therapeutics

Christina is responsible for the Magenta Therapeutics’ business and corporate development, and the establishment and management of partnerships. Christina was a key member of the founding team for Magenta while at Third Rock Ventures, whom she joined as a Principal in 2013 to lead the partner development team, and to focus on new company formation. While at Third Rock Ventures, Christina was part of the founding management team for Decibel Therapeutics and Interim Head of Business Development for Edimer Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Third Rock Ventures, she was a senior member of the corporate development team at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, where she led the business and commercial roles on several development teams, and contributed to the growth of the pipeline through the establishment and management of the company’s in-licensing efforts. Prior to Ironwood, she formed several early-stage companies while part of the Technology Development Fund at Boston University and during her time at Accelerator Corp in Seattle. Christina holds a B.S. in Biology from McGill University and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Tufts University School of Medicine.